For Charleston

We are completely saddened by the inexplicable event that occurred last night in downtown Charleston and want to extend our deepest thoughts, prayers and sympathies to the families that are suffering from such a tragic loss. There are no words. We have grown to love and embrace this city and are continuing to hope for justice, […]

10 Reasons to Go to GIANT Conf 2015

The Silicon Harbor Magazine shares 10 pretty solid reasons to go to the GIANT Conference this year. Among them you'll find rad people, rad work, and (spoiler alert!) sharks and free beer.

GIANT Conf Announces Charleston 2015

GIANT UX founders announce plans to keep the GIANT Conference in Charleston in 2015 and Audrey Taylor from the Silicon Harbor Magazine shares about the 2014 conference, saying it "lived up to its name with a giant lineup covering a huge range of niche topics."

Conversation with Alberta Soranzo

UX Magazine managing editor Josh Tyson speaks with Alberta Soranzo about mixtapes, growing up with computers, mountain ranges of data, and what happens to your digital assets after you die. Alberta is one of our rad speakers for the upcoming GIANT Conference.

Who else is speaking at GIANT 2015?

Here are 2 more of our 6 total keynote speakers for GIANT 2015. First let's talk about Sonya Looney. Sonya's a professional endurance mountain bike racer. She rides her bike for days on end through territory that most people wouldn't take a car through. She's got her masters in electrical engineering. That's not enough so [...]

Wondering who’s gonna be speaking at GIANT 2015?

We're getting really close to having our full lineup confirmed for GIANT 2015. We'll be announcing our keynotes and speakers over the next couple weeks, so stay tuned. Right now, we are super stoked to announced the first two of our six total keynotes. Ready? First, we've got Leslie Jensen-Inman. She's one of the founders [...]

What’s Up With GIANT 2015

Some of you were at our 2014 closing party where we told you next year’s event would be in Denver, CO. Well it turns out, Denver comes with significantly more logistics and expense than we planned for. We won’t compromise on the quality of the GIANT Conference experience. We are going to keep GIANT rad, […]