Christine Esoldo




Christine is a user experience designer and researcher, and can often be heard discussing the importance of content and its role in the product development life cycle. She also strongly advocates talking to users at every step of the design process, whether your product is just the seed of an idea or you have a full-blown prototype.

In her spare time Christine designs jewelry, sketches and paints, paddleboards, and volunteers with animal rescues by taking pictures of homeless pets. She’s a member of HeARTs Speak (a juried network of artists who come together and use their skills to help animals in need). She also runs and rescues beagles. Sometimes she runs with beagles. You might hear her talk about beagles. And running.

She holds an MFA in merchandising and she’s previously spoken at One Place, an industry conference for benefits professionals. Her favorite hashtag is #contentstrategyisnotcopywriting. Connect with her on Twitter at @christineesoldo