Alexis Finch

AgentFin Consulting



Alexis is a self proclaimed “Defenestration Expert,” dedicated to the task of recognizing and eliminating feature creep and zombie users. As the CEO of AgentFin Consulting, she brings the idea of the “path-to-purchase” beyond the screen and past the product, helping clients better understand their users & designing experiences that are not only delightful, but also useful.
Since 2010 Alexis has documented the finest minds in the tech world as the pencil behind GraphiteMind, turning complex problems into visually engaging sketchnotes, making obfuscated ideas relatable and actionable. A champion of women in male dominated industries, she founded #XXHack [now part of CWDevs] as a safe space for Chicago’s women coders to connect, learn and support each other. She also created and ran TyK [Thought You Knew] giving female cyclists an opportunity to explore their identity, shifting the assumptions of what a “woman bicyclist” looks like. Alexis continues to act as a UX Mentor for WIM, Parisoma and DevBootcamp, while making time to act as Co-Chair of MoDevUX, and sit on the advisory board at Seed&Spark, a platform for filmmakers to close the loop between funding and distribution.