Here are 2 more of our 6 total keynote speakers for GIANT 2015.

First let’s talk about Sonya Looney. Sonya’s a professional endurance mountain bike racer. She rides her bike for days on end through territory that most people wouldn’t take a car through. She’s got her masters in electrical engineering. That’s not enough so she also runs her own marketing consulting company. We can’t think of anyone more qualified to bring a talk about overcoming limits to do rad work. Follow her on Twitter at @SonyaLooney.

Next, we’re pumped to have Scott Berkun. He’s a best-selling author (ever read The Year Without Pants? That’s him.) published in just about every media outlet that’s worth its salt. Seriously, Wired, Fast Company, New York Times, NPR… the list is long. Check him out on Twitter at @berkun.

We’re getting more and more excited about our lineup for next year. It’s going to be killer! Just to recap our keynotes; so far we’ve got:

  • Leslie Jensen-Inman
  • Dan Willis
  • Sonya Looney
  • Scott Berkun

We’ll let you know who else will be joining us soon, so keep your eyes peeled. If you get impatient, you can always check out site at

The GIANT Crew


Scott Berkun

Scott Berkun is the bestselling author of The Myths of Innovation, The Year Without Without Pants and many other popular books. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Guardian, Wired magazine, Forbes, USA Today, Wired, Fast Company, National Public Radio, The Huffington Post and other media. He was a co-host of CNBC’s The Business of Innovation TV show, blogs for Harvard Business and BusinessWeek, and has appeared as an expert on various subjects on CNN, CNBC, NPR and MSNBC. He blogs regularly at and tweets at @berkun.


Sonya Looney

It’s energy and attitude that have propelled Sonya Looney on a mountain bike across the rugged Himalayas, through sweltering sand dunes of the Sahara Desert, and through the clammy jungles of Sri Lanka. Her accomplishments include national titles, record-setting wins at multiple 100 mile mountain bike races, and international victories at the hardest races in the world. Her Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering taught her about the structure and discipline to be successful in any field.

Sonya is an accomplished writer across multiple platforms, sharing her stories and photography with enthusiasts world-wide. Sonya’s ON Dirt Clinic series hatched her speaking career where she started teaching beginners about the sport of mountain biking and sharing her stories of personal challenges and life lessons. It has expanded to speaking at conferences and film festivals internationally.

Sonya recalls, “Ultra Endurance Mountain Biking has provided me with a lifetime’s worth of lessons, applicable to athletes and non-athletes alike. Through my career,

I’ve discovered how confidence, facing fear, a sense of humor, and attitude were the main ingredients required to get me through the toughest races in the world. I’ve been able to apply it to all aspects of life .” In addition to mountain biking racing, speaking, and writing, Sonya runs her own marketing consulting company called Magnetic Branding. Find her on facebook and twitter: